GLGA’s structure and dynamics in products’ development, maintains this company since 1991 among the most prominent companies in the fine electroplating market.

Currently based in Limeira, covers national and international markets in many sectors such as: costume jewelry, veneers, accessories, optics, electronics, and many others.

Our quality policy

Based on a System of Quality Management, which is committed to constantly improve its effectiveness meeting requirements of both clients and the system itself, we aim to provide special processes and products for fine electroplating with the high quality to satisfy our customers and employees, forwarding respect for the community and the environment helping the company’s growth and profitability.
With GLGA, quality is guaranteed!

Clean Production System itself: use of the packaging itself as reactors with very low waste generation;effluent treatment at all for washing bottles and equipment;development of environmentally friendly products, high yield and low waste generation.

Rua Benedito Kühl, 1608 - Vila Claudia II
CEP 13480-410 - Limeira - SP
55 (19) 3442.5389 / 3442.4769

Outros contatos:
Financeiro: 19 98154-6745
Análises: 19 98154-6712

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