Clean Production System itself: use of the packaging itself as reactors with very low waste generation.

Meet the unique products of GLGA, register and have full access to technical bulletins.

Know the product GLGA unique to GALVANOPLASTIA in general, committed to having a whole process structure.

GLGA’s structure and dynamics in products’ development, maintains this company since 1991 among the most prominent companies in the fine electroplating market.

Currently based in Limeira, covers national and international markets in many sectors such as: costume jewelry, veneers, accessories, optics, electronics, and many others.

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Rua Benedito Kühl, 1608 - Vila Claudia II
CEP 13480-410 - Limeira - SP
55 (19) 3442.5389 / 3442.4769

Outros contatos:
Financeiro: 19 98154-6745
Análises: 19 98154-6712

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